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Audience at the Alexander Technique 9th International Congress 2011

welcome to the AT Congress 2015

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limerick, ireland, 9 - 15 august 2015

The 10th Alexander Technique International Congress will be held in Limerick, Ireland, from the 9th to 15th August 2015. We aim to make this Congress a very special event, with as many of the worldwide Alexander community attending as possible. We are sure that this Congress will be remembered for many years to come.

You will find this website useful when planning all aspects of your journey to and during your stay at the Congress, including your travel arrangements, food, accommodation, and choosing which workshops and lectures you wish to attend. Then there is also the news section on this Home page, a Facebook page that you can join and a Twitter feed to follow so that you can stay informed and contribute throughout.

We warmly welcome all those interested in the Alexander Technique from a multitude of backgrounds in the hope that we all may meet, share, and move forward into the future together. The Congress encourages the participation of experienced and new Alexander teachers alike, as well as students on training courses. Alexander Technique pupils, and any other interested people, are also welcome to attend.

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well over 700 people attended the congress

This could well have been the biggest Congress ever held, with people coming from over 30 countries (we'll be doing the final count after a well-earned rest!). Thank you all for coming, and we hope you had a fantastic and inspiring time!


We have some of the world's most experienced Alexander Teachers who will present workshops and lectures. They include: - plus many more! We are delighted that will also be presenting two lectures during the Congress.

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