University of Limerick Concert Hall

plenary session

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course code: PL307

robert britton, presenting at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

forward and up into the future

with robert britton
thursday aug 13, 11:30 - 12:30
venue: University Concert Hall, Foundation Building

In this lecture we will look at the large picture of where we can take the Alexander Technique in the coming decades. Our anatomical evolutionary past can open the doors for how we can help the world escape from the crushing effects of modern life, and enable our students to live freely and dynamically with the full potentials of our magnificent bodies.

Modern civilization has not understood the basic vertebrate structures of our elegant bodies, and therefore humans are suffering under collapsed and compressed pressures which are avoidable. We will explore the evolutionary origins of the head neck relationship and a way of understanding 'head forward and up', the negative effects of 'leaning back', the activation of the feet for dynamic lengthening, and the sensitive importance of the sternum for all activities. We will be standing from time to time in this lecture.

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