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plenary session

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course code: PL303

ted dimon, presenting at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

the supreme art of education

with ted dimon
friday aug 14, 16:30 - 17:30
venue: University Concert Hall, Foundation Building

Although the Alexander Technique has gained in popularity in recent years, its proper field of application, as the educator John Dewey wrote, "is with the young, with the growing generation, in order that they may come to possess as early as possible in life a correct standard of sensory appreciation and self-judgment." Educators are now well aware of the role of emotional development and cognitive processes in learning; what Alexander contributed to the field is an understanding of the child as a whole organism, a kind of physiology of learning, a foundation for understanding how the child functions as a neuromuscular whole.

In this talk, Ted Dimon will share the work he is doing at Columbia University Teachers College to incorporate psychophysical education into the classroom and in training teachers in this new field. He will discuss the importance of the concept of "use" as a measure of health and functioning in the developing child, and explain why an understanding of psychophysical functioning is central to a fully-developed and integrated concept of child development. The talk will also outline the need for more intelligent approaches to learning and pedagogy based not on trial and error but on the central role of the self in learning, and explain why Alexander's work contains, as John Dewey wrote, 'the promise and potentiality of the new direction that is needed in all education.'

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