Participants at a workshop at the Alexander Technique 9th International Congress 2011

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Photo of Lucia Walker, presenter at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

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Enjoyment of the sense of vitality and well-being that arose from learning Alexander Technique, and a desire to support people to be more fully themselves and to express themselves more easily in their chosen life activities, stimulated Lucia Walker to train as a teacher.

Lucia qualified in 1987 after 3 years training with her parents Dick and Elisabeth Walker at the Alexander Teacher Training Centre Oxford. She teaches the technique to individuals, groups and on teacher training programmes and holiday workshops in England, France, Germany, US and Japan.

After qualification she also assisted on her training school in Oxford for many years. Fascination with the relationship of vision to use and movement led to ongoing study and teaching with ALTEVI (Alexander Technique and Vision) with whom she led holiday study retreats and workshops.

Lucia was one of the three Directors of the International Alexander Congress held in Oxford in August, 2004 and has presented at 5 of the other International Congresses.

Learning and teaching Alexander Technique has been supported both by other movement work and, since 1997, by the study and practise of NVC (nonviolent communication). Like AT, NVC is a practical model which helps us observe and understand patterns of reaction, and take the time to choose a different way. It particularly supports the intention to listen more deeply and to connect compassionately with oneself and others.

Lucia has been teaching and practising the dance form of Contact Improvisation since 1985 and worked for many years with Jointwork Dance Group exploring improvised performance and continued this research with Telling Times International Theatre project. She continues to work in many contexts leading workshops and collaborating in dance, physical theatre, communication and movement research projects.

Current work includes workshops with Rosetta Life (creative and movement expression for those with terminal illness), collaboration with Flatfoot Dance Company, (contemporary dancers in South Africa) 'Prepared for Nothing and Ready for Anything', teaching and choreography with students at Coventry University and solo performance work.

In teaching Lucia likes to use games, discussion, touch, stillness and activity to explore Alexander's principles in ways that are relevant and enjoyable. She is fascinated by how to use the technique to become more conscious and more integrated in feeling, thought, action and purpose.

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