Participants at a workshop at the Alexander Technique 9th International Congress 2011

jack stern usa

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Photo of Jack Stern, presenter at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

plenary session: mon 10 aug | details

plenary session: wed 12 aug | details

I am a Columbia University trained Neurosurgeon in private practice and a member of the Clinical Faculty of Cornell University's Weil School of Medicine.

My clinical interests are in the care and treatment of spinal pain. In addition to a busy surgical practice of 35 years I lecture to both professional and lay audiences and my book, Ending Back Pain, published by Penguin Press, is due for publication in August of 2014.

The emphasis of my most recent talks and the principle of the book deal with the importance of a proper diagnosis because the treatment of low back or cervical pain, in the absence of an accurate diagnosis, is likely to fail. Intrinsic to this concept is the need for a working knowledge of the anatomy; particularly those structures known to cause pain. Once these are identified the likelihood of making an accurate diagnosis and the institution of appropriate treatment are markedly increased.

The vast majority of spinal conditions are related to improper 'use' and therefore considered amenable to modalities that address this issue; the Alexander Technique being a prime modality.

Since being introduced to the Alexander Technique thirty years ago and having written the forward to Deborah Caplan's seminal book, Back Trouble, I have seen the successes and advocate for the wider use of the Technique for these clinical conditions.

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