Participants at a workshop at the Alexander Technique 9th International Congress 2011

brita forsstrom uk

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Photo of Brita Forsstrom, presenter at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

continuous learning session: all week | details

From a background in librarianship and journalism Brita came across the Alexander Technique when working for a Swedish alternative journal in 1980. She has been running a private practice since qualifying in 1984 at ATA (Don Burton and Lizzie Atkinson) in London, where she also taught for two years.

She has extensive experience of group introductory teaching including at The City Lit (Drama, Health and Movement Studies and Music Depts.), gives workshops and consultations in the work place and has worked with choirs in Sweden and Singapore.

Brita has been a Council member and Chair of STAT and served on STAT committees. She assisted on a training school in London for 12 years and since 2014 runs her own training course City Alexander Technique School in central London.

She is co-author of The Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Childbirth (1995), and has written articles and featured in magazines and newspapers.

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