Participants at a workshop at the Alexander Technique 9th International Congress 2011

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Photo of Tommy Thompson, presenter at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

continuous learning session: all week | details

Since 1975, Tommy has taught the Alexander Technique (AT) to professional and Olympic athletes, dressage riders, scientists, physicians, corporate/university professionals, musicians, dancers, actors, children and the disabled. He has as given over 400 workshops/seminars/lectures for AT teachers, teacher trainees and the general public in the U.S.A., England, France, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan and Israel.

Tommy is the founder and Director of the AT Center at Cambridge (MA), training teachers since 1983. He is also on the faculty at Harvard University, at the Institute for Advanced Theater Training, Harvard University/Moscow Art Theater and the American Repertory Theater.

Tommy is a co-founder, charter member, and first Chair of the Executive Board of Directors of AT International (ATI) and has earned the ATI Life Time Membership Award. He is also an Honorary Member of ATI France (ATIF), the Irish Society of AT Teachers (ISATT), and a teaching member of the Japan AT Association (JATA).

Also, in 1982, along with Helen Ramsey Jones and Richard Brown, he co-founded the Alexander Technique of New England (ATA) and the Frank Pierce Jones Archives and the F. Matthias Alexander Archives, originally housed in the Wessell Library at Tufts University, and served as ATA's director for six years.

Tommy is a co-author of Scientific and Humanistic Contributions of Frank Pierce Jones and has contributed numerous publications on the AT, Tai Chi, and theater.

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